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If you have any questions regarding the Makers' Inquiry, please contact us at

Replicate the Makers' Inquiry in your country

Right from the beginning, the Makers' Inquiry was developed with the idea of making it as open as possible in order to enable more researchers and stakeholders to be involved in it, not just in Italy but in more countries as well. All the resources are open source, and we provide an online platform here for discussion and survey management. With your participation we will be able to improve the Makers' Inquiry and provide an international tool for comparing Maker and Maker laboratories worldwide.

If you are interested in the Makers' Inquiry, please contact us at

Join the public online discussion

During Cumulus Milan 2015 the Makers' Inquiry was opened to more researchers. In order to further facilitate this, a public discussion list was created for this purpose. You can register to the discussion list here.

After you have successfully registered to it, you can send a message to all the people registered to the list just by sending an e-mail to this e-mail address:

Every time you write or reply to this e-mail address, all the people registered to the list will receive the message. In this way we are sure that everybody will receive all the messages and that we can easily add new members to the discussion. There is also a public online archive of all the messages here.